North Bay Shower Door is owned and operated by tradesman, artist, and designer Ryan Paulger


Glass, as a material, must come into ones home in a finished form requiring stringent tolerances to ensure that our clients receive the very best. Our exceptional quality control is not limited to the glass we install—it informs every aspect of our process, from first contact to project completion. At each phase and each point of communication, we maintain a customer service experience that is as smooth and precise as our glass. We manage the entire project workflow to ensure perfection and communication by liaising with every member of the client’s team, from architects to contractors to interior designers. Our diverse experience with the medium of glass affords us the ability to anticipate and solve problems that others may overlook. We are not merely a vendor—we actively consult with clients to find the right glass solutions and execute them flawlessly, on budget, and on time. In many cases we also provide design services beyond just glass, including wood and metalwork.


bearded artist man

From a young age, Ryan’s interests in painting, sculpture, and carpentry allowed him to develop a keen sense of form and aesthetics across media. Now at North Bay Shower Door, Ryan applies those principles to bring stunning glasswork into your home. Ryan was initially lead installer at North Bay Shower Door, and became sole owner of the company in 2007. Ryan has since installed over 3,000 glass enclosures in an array of homes, hotels, and businesses. Ryan also works in blown and cast glass in his artisanal glass studio Glashaus. He lives in San Rafael, Ca with his wife and two kids.